I helped Emmi sell her beach-front Condo in Alameda. She moved to Florida to retire.
“My son Bob visited last weekend and we got to talk about all the changes for the past year.
We both kept saying how lucky I was to find you and the great service you provided in the
sale of my condo, they way you took care of everything that needed to be done while I was
already 3000 miles away.
So I want to thank you again and wish you a well deserved MERRY CHRISTMAS  and
Here all is well but Alameda still seems like “home”.
Cheers! Emmi Fischl

Jason and Lori wanted an affordable home in North Oakland near their friends. After a few rejected offers and getting their offer accepted on a short sale that never went through they found their wonderful home on Market St. 


Twas the night before moving
And all through the house
Luka and Sheena were playing
And the cats laid about

Tim Gunn on Project Runway
Filled the tv screen
While we ate Chipotle
Mine without beans

When all of a sudden
Our realtor Liz gave a ring
“You guys are golden!”
“Meet me tomorrow first thing!”

We jumped off the couch
In PJ’s and socks
“Holy S–t!” we exclaimed
“This f—-n’ rocks!”

From work I borrowed
The giant-ass Dodge Sprinter
And boogied back home
To try and fill her

We filled boxes and boxes
Of ridiculous s–t
And useless things
“Hey I may need it!”

She filled 99 trash bags
Of things she would use
32 more for her jackets
And 7 more for her shoes

Then came the big toys
The motorcycles and tools
“Don’t tip the gas cans!”
Was one of my rules

We piled up that Sprinter
Like packing a pipe
Exhausted and beat up
And smelling quite ripe

We headed for Oakland
Off and away
To get to our new home
Across the Bay

Right in the driveway
Liz handed over the keys
“Hope you guys aren’t worn out!”
“No sweat, was a breeze”

Running on fumes
We emptied that van
It was soon over
Because we had a plan

Surrounded by boxes
We passed out on the couch
Old pizza on the counter
Both of us in a slouch

We actually pulled it off,
No hickups, no flats,
Our first night in our new house,
“Oh s–t we forgot the cats!”

Lisa and Amber were looking for their first home. They wanted a place that didn’t need any major work, was close to transportation and was in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Since buying their home they have added a driveway and beautifully remodeled their back yard. These great improvements have added equity to their home.

Liz is a great real estate agent. She listened closely to our needs and worked very hard and patiently until we found our home in North Oakland. We also appreciated her high ethical standards when it came to submitting/negotiating offers. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Lindsay and Greg  wanted a fixer in a good neighborhood at a price they could afford. We worked for 3 years to get them the perfect home. It’s fun to watch them transform their fixer into a beautiful home.

We met Liz at an open house shortly after we decided to dip our toes in the housing market, and instantly trusted her and respected her opinion. She was the first realtor who really took the time to explain to us everything that was involved with purchasing a home, the various options open to us and the obstacles and potential pitfalls we might encounter along the way. She was also the first realtor who seemed more interested in making sure we got into a place that was right for us, and not just making another sale for herself.
Of course, this just so happened to coincide with the beginning of the rapidly inflating housing market. To say that Liz was patient would be a gross understatement, as we dipped our toes and quickly pulled them out again several times during the insanity of the bubble. After a year we were already easily Liz’s longest clients, but never once did she express any frustration with us, she kept sending us listings that fit our requirements and budget, taking us to see any that took our fancy. During this time Liz educated us in helpful programs for first-time home buyers such as FHA and 203K Loans.
Due to Liz’s patience, knowledge and expertise we were finally able to get an offer accepted on a short sale. Liz worked tirelessly at every twist and turn, half the time acting as our therapist, and made sure we knew what was happening every step of the way. To make a long story short it took 6 months, a lot of negotiating and jumping through hoops, but we eventually became proud first-time home-owners. We simply couldn’t have done it with out Liz and even after we were all signed, sealed and moved in, Liz was there to answer any remaining questions we had. For anyone looking for a Realtor that will work tirelessly and tenaciously to find their perfect place and be with them every step of the way, they couldn’t do better than Liz Rush.

Satisfied Clients & Happy Home Owners,
Greg & Lindsay

I met Edna and her husband Jeff at an open house. They wanted a home in Alameda, which at the time was an overpriced market. We found one that fit their budget and made it through a challenging escrow. I love stopping by to see their improvements and their beautiful daughter and son.

I’m sure you will receive lots of recommendations but here are a few things about Liz Rush that we especially liked: 1. Patient – she was very willing to do what WE wanted. We were first-time buyers who had waited out a really hot market and were not about to rush ANYTHING in a slowing down market. We shrugged out shoulders and scoffed at the prices when we went to see homes. We finally found a good deal on a house – it was a messy close (seller close to foreclosure) but she stuck with it and we’re happy. 2. Personable – nice person and genuinely great with our kids. 3. Trustworthy – at all times we got the sense that she wanted to do the right thing for us. So, good luck.

TC & Jonathan were first time buyers and new to the area. They were unsuccessful in their first attempts at putting in offers. We were fortunate to find a home that wasn’t for sale to the public. With minimum buying stress they are now happy owners of a beautiful craftsman.

My partner and I had the good fortune to have Liz as our agent for our first home purchase in May of 2009.  After struggling with an agent who was not showing us properties that fit our needs, our friends recommended Liz.  She helped them find their home six months before and they were very pleased.  They had reason to be.  From our first meeting through closing, Liz brought great research, market clarity, and neighborhood knowledge to the table.  As first-time buyers, we had innumerable questions and concerns.  At every turn, Liz provided answers and guidance with patience and thoughtfulness.

She helped us explore houses, explained paperwork until we “got it,” held our hands when we needed it and encouraged us to think thoroughly about our opinions, potential renovations, and re-sell value.  We saw many houses that came on the market within 24 hours of their listing and ended up purchasing a house before it went on the market thanks to her connections and, again, understanding of what we were looking for.

Liz is a community connector.  On top of her stellar work throughout the search and purchase, she provided recommendations for a great lender, a home inspector, and an electrician.  All people we would work with again.

We’re in the right house, paid a fair rate, and are grateful for Liz’s hard work.  She’s also a great conversationalist and tour guide.  We highly recommend Liz!

I hope you enjoy this story from my client Mary about the experience of buying her home in Alameda. Mary’s home was on the Alameda Legacy Home Tour September 26, 2010.

Once upon a time…

there was a woman named Mary, who had an apartment in a far-away land called San Francisco. But she dreamed of having a home and a garden for her very own on the tiny, magical island of Alameda. So Mary set out on a sometimes-wonderful, often-perplexing, and occasionally terrifying adventure to find her new home. Mary searched far and wide on the tiny island. Some homes were too big, some homes too small. Some homes were too broken-down, some homes too expensive. Mary decided she needed someone to help her learn about her new community, and guide her in the puzzling world of home buying, but who?

Then, after a long Sunday of searching, she came to the last Open House in Alameda. She stood back and listened as Liz Rush spoke knowledgeably to other home seekers about walking the maze of real estate, and about the beauty and magic of living in Alameda. Mary realized she had found the person she needed to help make her dream come true.

So, Liz and Mary set off on their search. Mary expressed her dreams, needs, and questions as Liz listened thoughtfully. Liz knew the best homes to show Mary. They looked at homes as Liz explained their features and drawbacks. Mary looked at neighborhoods as Liz explained their characters and quirks. Finally they came to a lovely Craftsman bungalow with tiny gardens front and back. It was not too big, nor too small. It was not broken-down, nor too expensive. Best of all and most important, as they walked through it, Mary knew she had found the home she wanted at last.

Together Liz and Mary created an offer to buy the just-right house. Liz delivered the offer, and they waited restlessly. Pretty soon, but not too soon, the seller said Yes! The offer was accepted, but what would happen next? There were inspections to do and loans to get and contingencies to remove and move dates to negotiate. Liz was right there to find the right inspectors, recommend loan agents and negotiate when to move in.

Suddenly everything felt all too real and frightening. Had Mary made the right decision? Was she ready to leave her rent-controlled apartment in the land of San Francisco? Was this truly the right home for her? Mary expressed these doubts to Liz. Together they revisited the other homes and neighborhoods one by one. Some homes were too big, some homes too small. Some homes were too broken-down, some homes too expensive. The last home she came to was her lovely Craftsman bungalow with tiny gardens front and back. And Mary realized – it WAS just right!

Mary hired the inspector, and Liz reviewed the inspection with her. Mary signed the loan documents and Liz was by her side. Mary went on the final walk-through to accept the property as her very own, and Liz was right there with her. Just a short time later, Liz handed Mary the key to the lovely Craftsman bungalow with tiny gardens front and back. And Mary lived there happily ever after. Well, not quite. There was a floor to refinish and rooms to paint and lighting to install – and Liz remained a great resource for Mary as she found folks to help with her house, and learned how to care for the tiny gardens front and back, and put down roots in her new community

If you would like a complete list of my sales and client referrals please email or call me.


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  1. Robert Eggert Says:

    Liz was extremely helpful in the sale of my mother-in-law’s condo. Was aggressinve in having open houses to attract potential buyers. Recommend her as an agent.

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